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/ Generational Differences in Reaction
to Coronavirus

How you sensitize the coronavirus may depend on your age.

by Katie Lienemann

Social media platforms have seen a surge in intergenerational signaling regarding what or who is making COVID-19 spread. Sparked by photos of beachgoers during spring break, the public was eager to reveal where they found the blame.

On facebook, Boomers were first to criticize millennials for not quarantining. Shortly thereafter, millennials transitioned the blame to Gen Z through identifying themselves as being indoors as recommended and “too old” for spring break.

Many boomers have indicated that the mainstream media is at fault for spreading misinformation about the coronavirus, revealing a strong sensitivity to news sources. Turning to social media to express these views has uncovered an unexpected dialogue between the generations and similarities between the feelings that Boomers and Millennials have towards different issues.

As one user expressed, “the way boomers feel about coronavirus...is how millenials feel about climate change all the time” (@mmilesgoodrich). Millennials are sensing intergenerational similarities in feelings about the coronavirus. Both view it as a problem in entirely different ways. Younger boomers have also created memes circulating on facebook that express their lack of concern for the virus, while older boomers that are at risk for contracting the virus have remained more concerned and follow the guidelines in place.