#eye #eye
by Kate Jones

Spotted: Your favorite travel vloggers having to cancel tickets and change reservations for their latest wanderlust trips. While vacations might be just content creation for them, many normal people have had to cancel or change once in a lifetime trips due to the outbreak of the virus. Influencers, they’re just like us!

Spotted: Companies cancelling proposed influencer advertising. With ad money drying up and views on a decline, will our favorite influencers be out of a job? Too bad their influence doesn’t work to skip the line in filing for unemployment - they’ll have to spend weeks trying to get through like the rest of us.

Spotted: Kristin Cavallari on a family vacation to the Bahamas; content creation doesn’t stop for a pandemic. While she’s busy posing at her private resort, we are adjusting our laptop cameras for working from home. Doesn’t she know most of us can’t leave our house let alone go on a vacation?

Spotted:It's now day 20 of Kristin Cavillari’s Bahamas corona-cation. Thank gosh she has her hairstylist with her, because what could be more important than fixing overgrown roots in the middle of a pandemic while the rest of us await stimulus checks that might never come?

Spotted: Arielle Charnas using her influencer privilege to get her hands on a Coronavirus test like it's the latest Chanel handbag fresh off the runway. Who knew basic disease testing would be harder to come by than a haute couture fashion piece?

Spotted: Charli D’amelio, the world's biggest TikTok star, using her platform for good by partnering with P&G to drive donations to Feeding America. Who would’ve thought a 15 year old would be encouraging her followers to stop the spread as opposed to influencers twice her age not social distancing.